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FEZ began its culinary journey in 2005 and has earned a place in many Phoenician (and Arizona visitors) as an Original Phoenix Favorite. Born out of a love for the mediterranean cuisine but with a penchant for flavorful American favorites, FEZ crafted a unique menu that to this day remains timeless, flavorful and filled with endless possibilities. FEZ quickly became a favorite gathering place in a contemporary setting yet filled with comfort.


FEZ was always designed to be an extension of our own living and dining rooms - a place where people could come relax, share a drink and conversation and consume some delicious food. While FEZ initially was located further north on Central Avenue, our current location on Central, overlooking Portland Park and just steps from Roosevelt Row, make us a central location for residents and visitors alike to connect, catch up and quench their culinary & cocktail desires.


From those who helped launch FEZ to those who currently serve our guests, our team members have been the backbone of what makes so many loyal guests return time and time again. Our team focuses on providing the best of service while creating a comfortable environment to dine and drink. No rushing. No corporate spiel. No cookie cutter service. Each one as unique as the items that fill our cocktail and food menus.


While many say that their employees are like family, FEZ exudes this ideal. We care for each other. We care for our guests. We care for our community. We care for our global environment. Our team remains engaged in not just providing the best of what FEZ offers but also engaged in keeping our community connected and creating a place where guests can relax, get away from the days stress and re-energize to take on tomorrow.



FEZ is proud to be actively involved in the Phoenix Metro community. We have helped support hundreds of community organizations and non-profits by providing over $500k in donations, products and services. Having a locally-owned, independent restaurant & bar is not just about employing people and working hard to make a buck, it’s about creating a small business that is integrated into the community. Insuring that we are a part of what goes on in our community, supporting the members of our community in their daily and philanthropic endeavors. It means we support a community that is full of diversity and creating a space that is safe and celebrates that diversity.

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